Earn Some Cash

Earn Some CashEarn-Some-Cash.co.uk is a whitelabel site (powered by Your Brand). Users can join for free and earn money for shopping online, entering competitions, signing up to newsletters and lots more.

Signup bonus: £0.50
Minimum Payout: £15.00
Payment Method: Paypal
Referral Scheme: Get £1.50 for each referred member when they have earned their first £15.00
Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners: Available

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Is4U Cashback

Is4U is one of the leading provider of online cashback, discounts and shopping offers. The have a wide range of retailers and offer up to 99% of cashback. Register for free and get £3 free! They only pay via checks. is4u cashback

Signup Bonus: £3
Minimum Payout: £25
Payment Method: Check
Referral Scheme: Get £5.00 for every referred member when they have earned £10 or more
Daily Clicks/Recurring Earners: Available.

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Guide For Shopping

Guide 4 Shopping offers 100% Cashback on Online Shopping. They offer a wide range of online retailers. Their members can shop from leading UK stores like Next, Dabs, M&S, Tesco, Asda, Harrods and more and earn cashback. Whats more? You can also find reviews and news pertaining to the retailers on Guide 4 Shopping.

guide for shopping

Signup bonus: £10
Minimum Payout: £30
Payment Method: BACS, Paypal or Check
Referral Scheme: Get £2.5 for every member referred
Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners Not Available

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Global Test Market

GlobalTestMarket is a unique online community where consumers from around the world participate in the development of new-to-the-world products and services by partaking in on-line surveys.

global test market

GlobalTestMarket is a free to join Survey Panel. Join Global Test Market and participate in all sorts of fun and interesting surveys and help companies develop the products and services you use every day. In return for your participation, you will receive “Market Points,” redeemable for cash. It’s so simple, the surveys come straight to your email inbox, and then you are just a few clicks away from your cash reward! Sign me up now!

You must be at least 18 years of age to join OR you must be 14 to 17 years of age and have parental or legal guardian permission to join.

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Greasypalm is powered by Cashback.co.uk. Join for free and earn money for shopping online. They also pay cashback to users when they complete offers under the No Purchase section, e.g. for searching, completing surveys, requesting free brochures, registering to other sites and referring friends and family.


Signup Bonus: £2.50
Minimum Payout: £25
Payment Method: BACS
Referral Scheme: Get £7.00 for each referred member when they earn £15.00 or more in cashback
Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners Available

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Toluna is an online community dedicated to making your voice heard! Express yourself through the use of Toluna’s polls, opinions and reviews.
Members can join for free and Earn points by participating in online surveys and voting on online polls. These  points can be converted into various gift and discount vouchers. Members can also opt in to receive product samples for free, and submit their feedback after using them.

As a consumer you’ll also get a chance to voice your opinion by testing and reviewing products for free!

You can also create your own exportable polls and opinion topics, and get answers from over half a million Toluna members!

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MySurveyMySurvey is owned and operated by the market research firm TNS which operates in over 70 countries worldwide and does research in almost every country of the world. MySurvey is a consumer panel made up of individuals who have volunteered to participate in market research studies. The panel members can participate in online research, update their information and redeem their MySurvey Points for various gifts / gift vouchers and charity donations.

MySurvey has developed into one of the world’s largest consumer panels and TNS is the premier global provider of market research information to major corporations worldwide which consumers can be a member of.

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DayBreak Cashback

DayBreak cashback is another cashback site, where members can join for free and get cashback on their purchases. You can earn up to 25% Cashback per purchase. Members are also paid when they post deals.

Please note that DayBreakCashback shares a database with Greasypalm. If you’re already a member of Greasypalm, you can login using your login details for GreasyPalm.

Signup Bonus £2.50
Minimum Payout: £25
Payment Method BACS
Referral Scheme: DayBreak Cashback offers £2 for every referred member when they earn £15 or more cashback
Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners: Available

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Give or Take

GiveorTake is another 100% Cashback site, and offers their members cashback when they shop through the online retailers listed on their site. Get Top cashback levels of up to £120 or 25% of the purchase price. Members also receive information about special offers, discount codes and sales. An annual fee of £5 is deducted when a member has earned £25.

give or take

GiveorTake only pay via check, with an additional option to donate your earnings to charity of your choice. Only one Give or Take Membership is allowed per person, and a maximum of 2 memberships per household.

Signup bonus No
Minimum Payout £25
Payment Method Check / Donate to charity
Referral Scheme: None
Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners: Not Available
Admin Fee £5 Annual fee

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Get Pounds Back

GetPoundsBack.co.uk is a 100% cashback site. Members get 100% cashback from purchases made online, however an annual admin fee of £5 is charged from their accounts only when they have earned that amount. Since this is a 100% cashback site, the transactions take some time to show as confirmed.

Signup Bonus: £0
Minimum Payout £10
Payment Method Paypal (up to £50 only), BACs (any amount)
Referral Scheme: Earn £1 for every member referred once they have earned £5
Daily Clicks/ Recurring Earners Available
Admin Fee £5 Annual fee deducted from earned Cashback

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