Free Fiver

Free Fivers is a reputable cashback site/ shopping directory. Users can join for free and get cashback when they shop online with over 500+ retailers including Marks & Spencers, Debenhams, BuyaGift etc.

Free Fiver

Signup Bonus: £5
Minimum Payout: £25
Payment Method: Check, donate to charity
Referral Scheme: £5 for every member referred when they earn their first check.
Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners: Available
Retailers 500+

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FaceValue Cashback

Face Value is another cashback site powered by White label Cashback Portals. They offer new members £5 as a Welcome Bonus. Get paid to shop with over 1000 leading UK Online shops including Currys, Tesco, Boots, Littlewoods, Prudential and more!.

* Signup Bonus £5.00
* Minimum Payout £25.00
* Payment Methods: BACS, Paypal
* Referral Scheme: £5 for each member referred (when they earn cashback)
* Daily Clicks: Not Available

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KentCashback is a sister site of Greasypalm and is owned by Submission Technology. Kent Cashback offers cashback on loads of online retailers when you shop with Kent Cashback.

Signup bonus: £2.5
Minimum Payout: £25
Payment Method: BACs
Referral Scheme: Get £2 for each referral when the referral has earned £15.00 or more in cashback.”
Daily Clicks: Available

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Dosh Cashback

Doshback.com is another reputable cashback site. They offer £5 as a signup bonus to their members. They have over 1000 leading online shops, shop with them and get cashback on your purchases!

  • Signup Bonus: £5
  • Minimum Payout: £25
  • Payment Method: BACS, Paypal
  • Referral Scheme: £3 for every member referred who earns £25
  • Daily Clicks/ Recurring Earners: Not Avalaible

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    Populus Live

    PopulusLive is an online research community from Populus, one of Britain’s leading opinion research companies. Populus Live is open to UK Residents aged 16 or over. Get £1 for ever 5 minutes.

    Populus surveys

    “Populus Live Surveys is the gateway to joining and participating in our exciting and growing community set up for market and opinion research. As a member you will be financially rewarded for participating in all of our surveys as well as enjoying many other benefits! Our surveys are designed to be interesting and varied allowing you to express your thoughts on a wide selection of topics.
    Join today and be rewarded for your views!”

    Get rewarded for opinion on a range of different subjects – from brands to politics, from your favourite products to your views on the latest news.

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    Bullzeye offer their members a rewarding online shopping experience. Bullzeye claim to offer their members a higher cashback rate than any other cashback site. They also reward their members for reading emails and clicking banners.

    * Signup Bonus: £2.50
    * Minimum Payout: £22.00
    * Payment Method: Check
    * Referral Scheme: They offer £8 for each referral
    * Retailers : 313
    * Daily Clicks/ Recurring Earners: Available

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    British Rewards

    British Rewards is owned and operated by WOW Media UK Ltd.  British Rewards is quite an old cashback site, and have good number of online retailers.  They also offer a toolbar, which members can download and stay updated.  However, the site is not updated very often.

    You can earn money by shopping, registering to free sites, searching, clicking on retailers and referring friends and family.

    british rewards

    *Signup bonus: £0.50
    * Minimum Payout: Varies on Payment mode

    1. Moneybookers: No Minimum Payout
    2. Paypal: £5
    3. Amazon Vouchers: £5
    4. Check:  £9

    * Payment Methods: Amazon, PayPal, Vouchers, Check
    * Daily Clicks / Recurring earners: Yes

    Referral Scheme

    British Rewards offer two kinds of Referral Schemes.

    Referrals (Link and Banners)
    This link will track everyone that goes through it and credit you £0.25 every time someone joins. If you own a website then you can use banners that can be linked to your special link and earn £0.25 every time someone joins.

    Referrals via Posters
    Refer users by putting up posters in your local shop,  earn £2 for every poster you put up in a shop.

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    Breezy Rewards

    BreezyRewards is owned by Cashillion UK Limited. The site looks good however there most of the links don’t work. The number of online retailers is also very small. The site mainly focuses on No Purchase offers/ Free offers and users can earn money for completing those offers.
    breezy rewards
    * Signup bonus: £0.50
    * Payment Method: Check, Moneybookers, Paypal, Vouchers
    * Referral Scheme: Get £0.20 for referring friends and family when they earn any amount
    * Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners: Available

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    Bread Cashback

    Bread Cashback is a reputable cashback site for UK. Join for free and Get Cashback for Shopping with over 1200 retailers! Get a generous £5 when you joiin, and cashout at £25.
    Bread Cashback

    Unlike other cashback sites, Bread Cashback doesn’t pay via BACs, Check, or Paypal. They only pay via BreadCard.

    Signup Bonus: £5
    Minimum Payout: £25
    Payment Methods: Payments are directly made to the Bread Card
    Referral Scheme: Get £5 per referred member when they earn cashback
    Daily Clicks / Recurring Earners: Not Available
    Retailers: Cashback from 1200 retailers e.g. Currys, Tesco, Boots, Littlewoods, Prudential and more!

    In order to receive payment from BreadCard, you will need to register your Bread Prepaid Maestro® Card with them.

    Click here to join Bread Cashback


    How do Cashback Sites Work?

    Cashback sites reward their members for shopping online through them. Why? Because when members shop through their link, they receive a percentage / flat amount for the sale, and they share it with their members.a reward and they in turn will share a percentage with you.

    Each cashback site is different in these aspects: how much they share this commission with their members, how they reward their members, payment modes and Minimum payout requirements etc. Below are descriptions of some terminologies that you will come across in the Cashback world!

    100% Cashback Sites
    100% cashback sites reward their members with 100% cashback, but charge an admin fee (e.g. Quidco). This admin fee is usually taken from your earnings.

    Minimum payout:
    Most cashback sites have a Payment threshold, and you get paid when your account balance reaches that threshold.

    Payment modes
    Cashback sites normally either pay via BACs, Paypal, Amazon Gift Vouchers. Some cashback sites allow all of these modes of payment, and some allow only some of them.

    Signup Bonus
    Most cashback sites reward you for joining and you’ll get a small amount added to your account balance when you join.

    Earn from Referrals
    Most cashback sites encourage their members to refer other members (friends and family). They provide you with your unique referral link, and when you refer someone, you will get certain amount paid to you.

    No Purchase Offers/ Free Cashback
    Most cashback sites have a section dedicated to offers that don’t require any purchase. You can earn money by simply registering to the offers, requesting catalogues, joining a club etc.

    Recurring Earners
    These offers are also referred to as ‘Daily Clicks’. These offers usually require clicking through to a website and performing searches and help you in boosting your earnings.